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About Lara, The Leading Online Sight-Reading CoachIf you want one word, it’d be passion. I have passion for people, passion for playing the piano, and passion for teaching. I believe that music is a gift from our God and aim to bring out the natural aspects of music that already exist in our hearts. By focusing on what inspires us to play music rather than on man-made rules, anyone can learn how to play the piano.Learn More

What Others Are Saying

Lara is fantastic! My daughter is 8 (2nd grade), and she had her first piano lesson ever this week with Lara. Lara has a unique teaching method- not the boring scale drills and letter memorization I had. In her first lesson, my daughter could recognize every key on the key board and was taught rhythm by counting & clapping out the different kinds of notes. I hope we stay with Lara for a long long time.
Dana Roson for Noelle Roson, 8
Lara is a wonderful piano teacher that takes her time with her students. Lara was very patient and knew exactly what I needed on my very first session. She is currently guiding me through the piece, “Two Minuets” by Mozart and I am surprised that I am able to read and play the notes. I could not imagine myself playing the piano four month ago. However, here I am today getting ready for my first piano recital. I couldn’t see myself training with any other piano teacher other than Lara. She is one of a kind and she truly cares about her students. If you are looking for a piano teacher who is dedicated and experienced, see Lara. You will not be disappointed.
Lana Huleis, 25
Ms. Lara is one of, if not the greatest piano teacher ever! She is nice, calm, understanding and very encouraging. I am so happy to have met Ms. Lara not only as a piano teacher but also as a person in general.
Nicholas Simpson, 15
The method that Lara uses worked the best for me. I am learning music theory and am able to read music better than I believe I would if I had selected another teacher.
Ed Young, 64
I am really impressed with how she tailors each lesson to the abilities of both of my teen individually. She has taught them to sight read and they have continued to progress at a fast pace. They were able to participate in a recital and felt confident about their progress. She is very professional in her approach, but friendly. They also have fun while learning and enjoy how she helps them celebrate their successes. She is an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Jason Simpson
I’ve been taking lessons from Lara for about six months, and I can say with full confidence that I made the right choice. Now I feel like nothing in the world of piano is unconquerable. Her attitude is nothing but positive and vibrant. She’s very encouraging and has a knack for making every triumph feel important. Her passion for her craft is obvious, and is definitely a big part of what motivates me to practice on my own. I recently had my first recital (something which I never imagined I would be able to do). I was shocked that I was able to learn a piece and play it in front of strangers in such a short period of time. But the practices Lara teaches made it easy. I didn’t worry about memorizing the piece because she doesn’t just teach how to play songs, she teaches how to understand the music. She didn’t have me play the same song over and over again, she teaches the fundamentals so you can painlessly learn and practice, even on your own. I would highly recommend Lara, for anyone who already plays and wants to get a better understanding, or for newcomers.
Daniel McCraw, 22
Lara came highly recommended to us from a good friend. Our experience with her has been great! She is very talented, patient and knows how to relate the material to our daughter in a way that’s appropriate for her age. Most importantly, our daughter loves her and is eager to learn because of Lara’s professional yet nurturing manner.
Jeannette Akaragian for Alina Akaragian, 6
Ms. Lara is the best teacher I’ve ever had! I started learning piano with her at 16 and I’ll be 18 soon so she’s been teaching me for a long while. Now I’m able to sight read professional music and play some hard songs by heart. She has made me really comfortable to be around her and I would say that she isn’t just my teacher but she is now my friend. Thank you so much Ms. Lara!
Brooklynn Simpson, 17
Lara has taught my daughter how to sight-read music within two months. The way in which she teaches sight-reading is incredible and I can totally see the benefits of starting Zoe with this approach. My daughter really feels like Lara is her friend and makes her comfortable even while encouraging her to learn harder material. Watching Zoe get up, compose herself and perform at the recital in front of 50–75 made us proud parents. All I can say is that Lara is a professional musician who has graced us with her time and energy by teaching Zoe how to play the piano. She is always punctual, reliable and can’t leave out—a GREAT pianist. Thanks Lara!
Drew Simpson for Zoe Simpson, 9
Lara’s love for the piano and her resulting passion show through in every aspect of her teaching. I’m a crusty old guy who can play some piano but who’s always wanted to learn to play right. Lara took me to a child’s beginning stepped, and like a drill sergeant was merciless in getting me to break my old habits and learn it right, withstanding my whining with the patience of a saint. When breakthroughs came, she cheered me on, and moved to the next step, bit by bit. She is a master of the instrument, and unlike many masters, knows how to teach. One could not ask for a better teacher.
Steven Meeks, 63

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