So you wanna perform?

I see you.

Checking out the videos.

Watching YouTube performances of amazing pianists in your free time.

Fantasizing of when you’ll be able to play like that “someday.”

It’s about time you hear from the coach side of me. As a die hard advocate for following your dreams, today I challenge you to be honest about your musical goals—or goals in general! What do you really want?


Maybe you just want to keep music as a hobby and you’re very happy with your work life.

But I know there are some of you who actually want to make a career out of music. Maybe you want to be a professional musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, pianist, or producer.

Let’s take a break from your current reality for just a minute. What does your dream life look like with music as your career? Where are you performing? What are you playing? What artists are you working with? What does your life look like when you’re not working?

Most importantly, what are you doing daily to reach each of your goals that you just thought of when reading those questions? Are you practicing every day? Do you have a mentor? Are you investing in good quality instruments and instruction? Are you reading and researching about what goes into creating this life you dream of?

Well, if you’re here, you’ve at least started your journey. But maybe you have some of these points I’ve listed all tucked away on a to-do list buried in an old purse or backpack while you’re waiting for “the right time.”

Excuse me while I pull out my bullhorn,


What can you do TODAY to get you closer to your dream life with music as a career? What will excite you today? Maybe it’s calling that “important” person, buying that instrument, or hiring a teacher or coach. What’s the worst that can happen if you took a chance with something sitting on that to-do list?

Shoot me a quick response telling me some of the plans you came up with. Dreams can be born in a day. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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