We see a pianist playing effortlessly, and we want to perform the same way—today! We’re not so much interested in the time it them took to reach that level of skill. Many American piano teachers try to minimize that time and gloss over the fundamentals. They believe they’ll keep their students happier by getting to the good stuff—playing the songs—as quickly as possible.

But there’s a problem with that type of instruction. They’re allowing students to dictate the course of the lessons, rather than teaching for success. The result? Long, tedious practice sessions lasting weeks or months—just to learn ONE song.

My approach is different.

I specialize in teaching fundamentals as the gateway to playing anything you want. My method is inspired by the teaching style of Mozart as he mentored Beethoven. With this method, I guide you to mastery, establishing the foundation you need along the way. With that in place, you’ll have the ability to read music and play a piece in one sitting, rather than after weeks or months of lessons.

Select the best way to work with me below.

 Sight-Reading Course

Do you struggle sight-reading music? Wouldn’t you love to be able to sit down at the piano with a new piece of sheet music and just play—often within minutes? My simple system will have you sight-reading sheet music – all within two weeks. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of music theory. Begin your journey of unlocking the beauty of music and transform from a struggling beginner to an accomplished sight-reader today.

Success Coaching

Are you an independent business owner struggling to get to the next level in your field? Is it taking too long to hit your objectives? It might be time for a second set of eyes. Have you considered hiring a coach? Coaches help you set goals, guide you to new achievements and keep you accountable. Athletes, musicians and top business professionals all have coaches. If you’re tired of being stuck and you want faster success, we should be talking—TODAY.

 Private Lessons

My passion is to teach, motivate and inspire you to be a great pianist. I offer lessons in my studio and via Skype. To schedule a complimentary, 20 minute introductory session, click the button below. We’ll discuss your goals and how best to accomplish your dreams.

Book Me

I’m a professional musician, trained to make music come alive. Allow me to transform your event into something truly special with beautiful solo piano music. Whether you need lively tunes for your café or shop, background ambiance for your gallery or inspiring music for your private event, I will complement your occasion, helping you create the elegant, memorable experience you envision.

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